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Accessory power outlets can be used to plug in electrical equipment, such as a cell phone or MP3 player.

Rear of Front Center Console

The vehicle has one accessory power outlet under the climate control system and one accessory power outlet on the rear of the center console, if equipped, or on the rear of the bench seat, if equipped.

Lift the cover to access and replace when not in use.


Power is always supplied to the outlets. Do not leave electrical equipment plugged in when the vehicle is not in use because the vehicle could catch fire and cause injury or death.


Leaving electrical equipment plugged in for an extended period of time while the vehicle is off will drain the battery. Always unplug electrical equipment when not in use and do not plug in equipment that exceeds the maximum 15 amp rating.

Certain power accessory plugs may not be compatible with the accessory power outlet and could overload vehicle or adapter fuses. If a problem is experienced, see your dealer.

When adding electrical equipment, be sure to follow the proper installation instructions included with the equipment. See Add-On Electrical Equipment.


Hanging heavy equipment from the power outlet can cause damage not covered by the vehicle warranty. The power outlets are designed for accessory power plugs only, such as cell phone charge cords

Power Outlet 110/120-Volt Alternating Current

If equipped, the vehicle has two alternating current power outlets.

In Cab Power Outlet and DC/AC Switch

Truck Bed Power Outlet

When the ignition is on, power is supplied to the outlets after the DC/AC switch is pressed. A green indicator light on the DC/AC switch indicates when the DC/AC operation is active. One power outlet can be used with electrical equipment that uses a maximum of 400 watts. If both outlets are being used, 400 watts will be shared between the outlets. Ensure that all connected devices do not exceed 400 watts.

The power outlet can be turned off by pressing the DC/AC switch. The power outlet can be turned back on after 10 seconds, during which the indicator light on the switch will flash.

An indicator light on the outlet illuminates when power is provided to the outlet and no system fault is detected. The outlets will not operate when the ignition is off, the DC/AC switch is not pressed, or the plug is not fully seated into the outlet.

If equipment is connected using more than 400 watts or a system fault is detected, a protection circuit shuts off the power supply and the indicator light turns off.

Do not use a power outlet with a missing or damaged cover.

The power outlet is not designed for the following, and may not work properly if they are plugged in:

  • Equipment with high initial peak wattage, such as compressor-driven refrigerators and electric power tools
  • Other equipment requiring an extremely stable power supply, such as microcomputer-controlled electric blankets and touch sensor lamps
  • Medical equipment

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