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The vehicle may have a compass display on the Driver Information Center (DIC). The compass receives its heading and other information from the Global Positioning System (GPS) antenna, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), and vehicle speed information.

The compass system is designed to operate for a certain number of miles or degrees of turn before needing a signal from the GPS satellites. When the compass display shows CAL, drive the vehicle for a short distance in an open area where it can receive a GPS signal. The compass system will automatically determine when a GPS signal is restored and provide a heading again.

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The time and date for the clock can be set using the infotainment system. See “Time/Date” in “System” under “Settings” in the infotainment manual.

    Horn, Windshield Wiper/Washe

    To sound the horn, press on the steering wheel. Windshield Wiper/Washer The windshield wiper control is on the turn signal lever. The windshield wipers are controlled by turning the band with on it...

    Power Outlets

    Accessory power outlets can be used to plug in electrical equipment, such as a cell phone or MP3 player. Rear of Front Center Console The vehicle has one accessory power outlet under the climate control system and one accessory power outlet on the rear of the center console, if equipped, or on the rear of the bench seat, if equipped...

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    Passenger Sensing System

    The vehicle has a passenger sensing system for the front outboard passenger position. The passenger airbag status indicator will light on the overhead console when the vehicle is started.

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