Chevrolet Silverado: Electrical System / Engine Compartment Fuse Block

Chevrolet Silverado 2019-2024 Owners Manual / Vehicle Care / Electrical System / Engine Compartment Fuse Block

If the vehicle has a diesel engine, see the Duramax diesel supplement.

The engine compartment fuse block is in the engine compartment, on the passenger side of the vehicle for 1500 and driver side of vehicle for 2500/3500.

Lift the cover to access the fuse block.


Spilling liquid on any electrical component on the vehicle may damage it. Always keep the covers on any electrical component.

A fuse puller is available in the left instrument panel end cap.

The vehicle may not be equipped with all of the fuses, relays, and features shown.

Fuses               Usage

1         High-beam left

2         High-beam right

3         Headlamp left

4         Headlamp right

6         TIM

7         –

8         Fog lamp

9         VKM

10        –

11       Police upfitter

12        –

13       Washer front

14       Washer rear

15       MSB driver

16       –

17       IECL 1

19       DC/AC inverter

20       IECR 2 (LD) /EBCM2 (HD)

21       MSB pass

22       IECL 2

24       EBCM 1

25       REC

26       –

27       Horn

28       –

29       –

30       –

31       –

32       Rear window defogger

33       Heated mirror

34       Parking lamp left

37       Euro trailer

38       TIM

39       –

40       Misc ignition

41       Trailer parking lamp

42       Park lamp right

44       –

45       Second fuel pump

46       Engine control module ignition

47       Transmission control module ignition

48       –

49       Transmission control module

50       A/C clutch

51       Transfer case control module

52       Front wiper

53       Center high-mounted stop lamp

54       Trailer reverse lamp

55       Trailer back-up lamp

56       SADS

57       TTPM

58       Starter motor (LD & HD DSL)

60       Active fuel management 1

61       VES

62       Integrated chassis control module/CVS

63       Trailer battery

65       Auxiliary underhood electrical center

66       Cooling fan motor left

67       Active fuel management 2

68       –

69       Starter Pinion (LD) / Starter Motor (HD Gas)

71       Cooling fan

72       Cooling fan right

73       Trailer stop/turn lamp left

74       TIM

75       DEFC

76       Electric RNG BDS

78       Engine control module

79       Auxiliary battery

80       Cabin cooling pump

81       Trailer stop/turn lamp right

82       TIM

83       FTZM

84       Trailer brake

85       ENG

86       Engine control module

87       Injector B even

88       O2 B sensor

89       O2 A sensor

90       Injector A odd

91       Engine control module throttle control

92      Cool fan clutch

5        Headlamp

18      DC/AC inverter

23      Rear window defogger

35      Parking lamp

36      Run/Crank

43      Second fuel pump

59      A/C clutch

64      Starter Motor (LD & HD DSL) / Cool Fan Clutch (HD Gas)

70      Starter Pinion (LD) / Starter Motor (HD Gas)

77      Powertrain

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    Instrument Panel Fuse Block (Left)

    The left instrument panel fuse block access door is on the driver side edge of the instrument panel. The vehicle may not be equipped with all of the fuses, relays, and features shown...

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