Chevrolet Silverado: Exterior Mirrors / Power Mirrors

Chevrolet Silverado 2019-2024 Owners Manual / Keys, Doors, and Windows / Exterior Mirrors / Power Mirrors

To adjust each mirror:

Press or to select the driver or passenger side mirror. The indicator light will illuminate.

Press the arrows on the control pad to move the mirror in the desired direction.

Adjust each outside mirror so that a little of the vehicle and the area behind it can be seen.

Press or again to deselect the mirror.

Turn Signal Indicator

If equipped, the mirror has turn signal indicator lights, which flash in the direction of the turn or lane change.

Task Lighting

If equipped, task lighting projects light from the outside mirrors to the sides of the vehicle. See Task Lighting.

Puddle Lamps

If equipped, puddle lamps project light from the bottom of the mirror to the area of ground below the driver and passenger doors. See Entry Lighting and Exit Lighting.

Memory Mirrors

The vehicle may have memory mirrors. See Memory Seats.

Lane Change Alert (LCA)

The vehicle may have LCA. See Lane Change Alert (LCA) (1500 Series).

    Trailer-Tow Mirrors

    Extending Mirrors Trailer tow mirrors can extend out for better visibility when towing a trailer. Manual Extend : If equipped, grasp the mirror housing firmly and pull back in one motion, arching slightly toward the rear of the vehicle...

    Folding Mirrors

    Manual Folding Mirrors If equipped, push the mirror toward the vehicle to fold. Push the mirror outward to return to its original position. Manually fold the mirrors inward to prevent damage when going through an automatic car wash...

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    Chevrolet Silverado 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Engine Fan

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    Rear Camera Mirror

    If equipped, this automatic dimming mirror provides a wide angle camera view of the area behind the vehicle.

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