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Touch the Trailers tab to view, activate, create, edit, or delete Trailer Profiles.

If a trailer is connected, touch the Trailer Profile name to activate a Trailer Profile.

There can be up to five Custom Trailer Profiles on the vehicle.

The Custom Trailer Profiles and Guest Trailer are in order of the most frequently used.

All personalization features are based on the settings for each driver in vehicle personalization. The list of Trailer Profiles is based on vehicle personalization settings.

Guest Trailer

If the Guest Trailer Profile is the active Trailer Profile, trailer detection, connections status, theft, and the Tow/Haul reminder alerts can be sent. The system will not track total mileage or fuel economy, but the system will track trip mileage and fuel economy if the Guest Trailer Profile is active. The Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System or maintenance reminders cannot be set up for a Guest Trailer Profile. The Guest Trailer Profile cannot be edited.

Touch to learn more about the Guest Trailer option.

No Trailer Connected

When there is no trailer connected, Trailer Profiles cannot be activated but most options can be edited.

Trailer Brake Gain Memory

The system can memorize the brake gain setting of a Trailer Profile or a Guest Trailer Profile. When a Trailer Profile or Guest Trailer Profile is selected, and a brake gain setting is set for that Trailer Profile, a quick notice will appear to indicate that the system has recalled that profile’s brake gain setting.

If a Trailer Profile is already active and the brake gain setting had been set for that Trailer Profile, the quick notice will trigger whenever the ignition is turned on.

If there was an error in setting the brake gain for a Trailer Profile, there will be a notification. This pop-up will not appear if the Guest Trailer Profile is active or if there is no trailer connected.

Trailer brake gain should be set for a specific trailering condition and must be adjusted anytime vehicle loading, trailer loading, or road surface conditions change.


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    Editing a Trailer Profile

    Trailer Profile View Touch to edit any of the following options in the Trailer Profile view: Trailer Name Towing Assistance Setup Tire Pressure Setup Trailer Maintenance Mileage Average Fuel Economy Reverse Lights Alert Electric Brakes Alert Touch Save to save the new value to the Trailer Profile...

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