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  1. List of Maintenance Reminders
  2. Add a New Maintenance Reminder

The Maintenance Status view displays reminders. Touch a reminder to edit.

Touch + New Maintenance Reminder to go to the Select New Reminder view.

The progress bar turns yellow when the maintenance item reaches 90% complete.

The progress bar turns red when the maintenance item reaches 100% complete.

Maintenance Notifications

  • Touch Service Complete to reset the maintenance reminder.
  • Touch Remind Me Later to delay the reminder.
  • Touch X next to Upcoming Alerts (90%) to dismiss the alert. It will not appear again.
  • Touch X next to Maintenance Due (100%) to delay the alert to the next ignition cycle.

Always follow all of the maintenance instructions that came with your trailer.


  1. Rear Trailer Not Connected/Preview, if equipped

  2. Interior Trailer Not Connected/Preview, if equipped

  3. Transparent Trailer Not Set Up/Preview, if equipped

The Cameras Status view displays status of trailer cameras.

Touch a connected camera to preview the camera image.

Touch the Transparent Trailer option to enter Transparent Trailer Setup if setup is not complete.

Guest Trailer Status View

Touch the Guest Trailer Profile for the status views.

The Guest Trailer Profile Status view shows:

  • Truck
  • Trailer
  • Connections
  • Cameras, if equipped

The Trailer Status view displays mileage information. Touch to edit, and follow the on-screen prompts. Mileage and fuel economy will reset after the trailer disconnects. The Cameras Status view displays status of trailer cameras. Touch a connected camera to preview the camera image.

Checklist View

This view shows the recommended steps to take before towing a trailer.

Touch the box next to each item if that step has been completed.

Touch to access a detailed view of each step. Within each detailed view, touch Next and Previous to navigate between steps.

Touch Clear All to clear the completed statuses from all items in the current checklist.

The checklist is unique to the Trailer Profile based on hitch type; for example, the steps involve different details between conventional, gooseneck, and fifth-wheel hitch types.

Custom Checklist Items

For each of the Trailer Profile checklists, there is an option to create custom items to view in the checklist. The custom item will appear at the bottom of the checklist.

Guest Trailer and No Trailer Connected

If Guest Trailer Profile is active or if no trailer is connected, the checklist will show all of the checklists associated with Custom Trailer Profiles in addition to default checklists.


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    Trailers View

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