Chevrolet Silverado: Vehicle Checks / Ignition Transmission Lock Check

Chevrolet Silverado 2019-2024 Owners Manual / Vehicle Care / Vehicle Checks / Ignition Transmission Lock Check

If equipped with Key Access ignition, while parked, and with the parking brake set, try to turn the ignition off in each shift lever position. The ignition should turn to off only when the shift lever is in P (Park).

The ignition key should come out only when the ignition is off. Contact your dealer if service is required.

    Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Control Function Check

    Warning When you are doing this inspection, the vehicle could move suddenly. If the vehicle moves, you or others could be injured. Before starting this check, be sure there is enough room around the vehicle...

    Park Brake and P (Park) Mechanism Check

    Warning When you are doing this check, the vehicle could begin to move. You or others could be injured and property could be damaged. Make sure there is room in front of the vehicle in case it begins to roll...

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    Chevrolet Silverado 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Folding the Rear Seat Cushion

    Either side of the rear seat cushion can be folded up for added cargo space. Caution Folding a rear seat with the seat belts still fastened may cause damage to the seat or the seat belts. Always unbuckle the seat belts and return them to their normal stowed position before folding a rear seat...

    Chevrolet Silverado 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Drive Systems

    Four-Wheel Drive If equipped, four-wheel drive engages the front axle for extra traction. Read the appropriate section for transfer case operation before using. Caution Do not drive on clean, dry pavement in m and n (if equipped) for an extended period of time...


    Folding Mirrors

    Manual Folding Mirrors

    If equipped, push the mirror toward the vehicle to fold. Push the mirror outward to return to its original position.

    Manually fold the mirrors inward to prevent damage when going through an automatic car wash.

    Power Folding Mirrors

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