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This feature adds a sportier feel, provides a more comfortable ride, or assists in different weather conditions or terrain. Depending on the option package, available features, and mode selected; the suspension, steering, and powertrain will change settings to achieve the desired mode characteristics. If the vehicle is equipped with magnetic ride control, selecting the various Driver Modes enhances the ride performance for the road conditions and the selected mode.

Mode availability is dependent upon vehicle trim level, region, and optional features.

Not all drive modes are available on all models. 1500 series vehicles may have Normal, Sport, Snow/Ice, Off Road, Terrain, and Tow Haul. 2500/3500 series vehicles may have Normal, Off Road, Snow/Ice, and Tow/Haul.

Mode Activation

To activate and deactivate Tow/Haul turn the Drive Mode knob to the left. For activation of modes other than Tow/Haul, turn the Drive Mode knob to the right.

Vehicles with the MODE graphic on the knob will have a menu selection screen in the instrument cluster to select the desired mode. When the Drive Mode knob is turned to the right, the mode list will display and activate the next available mode.

If equipped, select Terrain Mode by pressing the below the 4 transfer case button.


Normal Mode : Use for normal city and highway driving to provide a smooth, soft ride. This mode provides a balanced setting between comfort and handling. This is the standard mode and when selected, there is no indicator in the instrument cluster.

Sport Mode : Use where road conditions or personal preference demand a more controlled response.

When you enter this mode you will immediately feel a down shift. In this mode, the vehicle also monitors driving behaviors and automatically enables Performance Shift Features when spirited driving is detected. These features maintain lower transmission gears to increase available engine braking and improve acceleration response. The vehicle will exit these features and return to normal operation after a short period when no spirited driving is detected. The steering will change to provide more precise control. If the vehicle has Magnetic Ride Control, the suspension will change to provide better cornering performance.

When selected, the Sport Mode light displays in the instrument cluster.

Snow/Ice Mode : Snow/Ice Mode is used for slippery surfaces to help control wheel speed. Snow Mode will adjust acceleration to optimize traction on a slippery surface. The accelerator pedal will reduce engine torque at small pedal inputs. This feature is not intended for use when the vehicle is stuck in sand, mud, ice, snow, or gravel.

If the vehicle becomes stuck, see If the Vehicle Is Stuck.

Snow/Ice Mode is only available on two-wheel-drive vehicles. When selected, the Snow/Ice Mode light displays in the instrument cluster.

Off-Road Mode : Use to improve driving at moderate speeds, on grass, gravel, dirt, unpaved roads, or snow-covered roads that have not been groomed or plowed.

The accelerator pedal will be more sensitive to provide finer control of the torque at the wheels. StabiliTrak/Electronic Stability Control (ESC), the Antilock Brake System (ABS), and the Traction Control System (TCS) will change for optimal off-road performance. Use this mode for public off-road recreational driving. See Off-Road Driving.

When selected, the Off-Road Mode indicator light displays in the instrument cluster.

Tow/Haul Mode : This feature assists when pulling a heavy trailer or a heavy load. See Tow/Haul Mode.

Tow/Haul Mode is designed to be most effective when the vehicle and trailer combined weight is at least 75% of the vehicle’s Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). See “Weight of the Trailer” under Trailer Towing.

Tow/Haul Mode is most useful when pulling a heavy trailer or a heavy load under the following conditions:

  • Through rolling terrain
  • In stop-and-go traffic
  • In busy parking lots where improved low speed control of the vehicle is desired

Operating the vehicle in Tow/Haul Mode when lightly loaded or with no trailer at all will not cause damage. However, there is no benefit to selecting Tow/Haul Mode when the vehicle is unloaded. Such a selection when unloaded may result in unpleasant engine and transmission driving characteristics, heavy or light steering, and reduced fuel economy.

When selected, the Tow/Haul Mode light will display in the instrument cluster.

If the vehicle is turned off with Tow/Haul Mode active and then restarted within four hours or less, Tow/Haul will remain active. Otherwise the vehicle will start in Normal Mode.

Terrain Mode : Use for finer control during low speed, off-road driving. When using this mode it will mimic the characteristics of four-wheel-drive low (4 ) without the torque capabilities.

Use when:

  • Traveling on very rough roads at very low speeds, such as a two-track or heavily rutted road.
  • Traveling slowly in grassy fields.
  • Pulling a boat out of the water on a trailer.
  • . Using the vehicle for public off-road recreational driving. See Off-Road Driving and Hill and Mountain Roads.

When in Terrain Mode, the vehicle will shift automatically but may hold a lower gear longer to maximize engine torque. The steering will change to provide more precise control. A unique pedal map, transmission shift pattern, and rpm control are utilized to give better control at lower speeds and over rough terrain. When the vehicle comes to a stop, Vehicle Hold is engaged. TCS will be optimized for maximum torque transfer across axles, and Active Braking During Lift Throttle will be engaged.

Active Braking During Lift Throttle:

  • Automatically applies light braking, similar to heavy engine braking of four-wheel-drive low.
  • Applies light braking in D (Drive) until the vehicle is at idle speeds. In Manual L1 and Manual L2, moderate braking may stop the vehicle.
  • Reduces trailer braking.

Active Braking During Lift Throttle will reduce the back and forth between the accelerator and brake pedals.

Vehicle Hold Features:

  • When the vehicle comes to a stop on an incline grade in forward gear or on a decline grade in reverse gear, Vehicle Hold is engaged until the accelerator pedal is pressed.
  • When the vehicle is in forward gear on a decline, the vehicle is allowed to creep down the hill when the brake pedal is released without pressing the accelerator pedal. The vehicle will also creep forward on flat ground.
  • If the driver seat belt is removed and the driver door is opened while the vehicle is being held, EPB will be engaged.
  • EPB will engage if the vehicle is held for an extended period.

Terrain Mode is only available on vehicles equipped with the single speed transfer case.

Terrain Mode can only be active when:

  • Vehicle speed is less than 80 km/h (50 mph).
  • The transfer case is in 4 .

Frequent use of this mode may cause brake wear due to the light braking.

The vehicle will automatically exit the mode if the brakes get too hot. Terrain Mode can be turned back on after the brakes have cooled.

When Terrain Mode is selected:

  • Auto Engine Start/Stop will be disabled.
  • The Terrain Mode indicator displays on the instrument cluster.

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