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The power assist steps can be extended to the tire by pressing .

When extending the steps with , the kick switch is disabled. The vehicle must be in P (Park) or N (Neutral).

To extend the steps:

  • . Press to extend both steps. A DIC message displays.
  • Press again to extend to the tire. A DIC message displays.
  • Press again to return to normal operation.


To enable or disable the power assist steps, press and hold for four seconds. A DIC message displays.


Clean the power assist steps regularly. For an automatic car wash, extend the steps while in N (Neutral) using the center stack switch. The steps will stow when shifting into D (Drive).

    Power Assist Steps

    Warning To avoid personal injury or property damage, before entering or exiting the vehicle, be sure the power assist step is fully extended. Do not step on the power assist step while it is moving...

    Vehicle Security


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