Chevrolet Silverado: Lighting / Interior Lighting

Chevrolet Silverado 2019-2024 Owners Manual / Lighting / Interior Lighting

Exterior Cargo Lamps

The cargo lamps provide more light in the cargo area or on the sides of the vehicle, if needed. The lamps inside the pickup box, in the tailgate handle, for the hitch, and/or the cargo mirror lamps also turn on, if equipped...

Instrument Panel Illumination Control

This feature controls the brightness of the steering wheel and instrument panel lights. The instrument panel illumination control is next to the exterior lamp control...

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Chevrolet Silverado 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Cooling System

If the vehicle has the Duramax diesel engine, see the Duramax diesel supplement. The cooling system allows the engine to maintain the correct working temperature. 2.7L L4 Engine (L3B) 4.3L V6 Engine (LV3) 5.3L V8 Engine (L84) Shown, 5.3L V8 Engine (L82) and 6...

Chevrolet Silverado 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Door Locks

Warning Unlocked doors can be dangerous. Passengers, especially children, can easily open the doors and fall out of a moving vehicle. The doors can be unlocked and opened while the vehicle is moving. The chance of being thrown out of the vehicle in a crash is increased if the doors are not locked...


Child Restraint Systems

Rear-Facing Infant Restraint

A rear-facing child restraint provides restraint with the seating surface against the back of the infant.

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