Chevrolet Silverado: Engine Exhaust / Running the Vehicle While Parked

Chevrolet Silverado 2019-2024 Owners Manual / Driving and Operating / Engine Exhaust / Running the Vehicle While Parked

It is better not to park with the engine running.

If the vehicle is left with the engine running, follow the proper steps to be sure the vehicle will not move. See Shifting Into Park and Engine Exhaust.

If parking on a hill and pulling a trailer, see Driving Characteristics and Towing Tips.

    Engine Exhaust

    Warning Engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide (CO), which cannot be seen or smelled. Exposure to CO can cause unconsciousness and even death. Exhaust may enter the vehicle if: The vehicle idles in areas with poor ventilation (parking garages, tunnels, deep snow that may block underbody airflow or tail pipes)...

    Automatic Transmission


    Other information:

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    Child Restraint Systems

    Rear-Facing Infant Restraint

    A rear-facing child restraint provides restraint with the seating surface against the back of the infant.

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