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For vehicles with auto engine stop/start, turn the vehicle off before opening the hood. If the vehicle is on, the engine will start when the hood is opened. You or others could be injured.


Components under the hood can get hot from running the engine. To help avoid the risk of burning unprotected skin, never touch these components until they have cooled, and always use a glove or towel to avoid direct skin contact.

Clear any snow from the hood before opening.

To open the hood:

  1. Pull the hood release lever with the symbol. It is on the lower left side of the instrument panel.

  2. Go to the front of the vehicle and locate the secondary release lever under the front center of the hood. Push the secondary hood release lever to the right to release.
  3. After you have partially lifted the hood, the gas strut system will automatically lift the hood and hold it in the fully open position.

To close the hood:

  1. Before closing the hood, be sure all filler caps are on properly, and all tools are removed.
  2. Pull the hood down until the strut system is no longer holding up the hood.
  3. Allow the hood to fall. Check to make sure the hood is latched completely. Repeat this process with additional force if necessary.


Do not drive the vehicle if the hood is not latched completely. The hood could open fully, block your vision, and cause a crash. You or others could be injured. Always close the hood completely before driving.

The Driver Information Center (DIC) will display a message if the hood is not fully closed, and the vehicle is moving. Stop and turn off the vehicle, check the hood for obstructions, and close the hood again. Check to see if the message still appears on the DIC.

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