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If this vehicle came with a full-size spare tire, it was fully inflated when new, however, it can lose air over time. Check the inflation pressure regularly. See Tire Pressure and Vehicle Load Limits. For instructions on how to remove, install, or store a spare tire, see Tire Changing.

If equipped with a temporary use full-size spare tire, it is indicated on the tire sidewall. See Tire Sidewall Labeling. This spare tire should not be driven on over 112 km/h (70 mph), or 88 km/h (55 mph) when pulling a trailer, at the proper inflation pressure. Repair and replace the road tire as soon as it is convenient, and stow the spare tire for future use.


If the vehicle has four-wheel drive and a different size spare tire is installed, do not drive in four-wheel drive until the flat tire is repaired and/or replaced. The vehicle could be damaged and the repairs would not be covered by the warranty. Never use four-wheel drive when a different size spare tire is installed on the vehicle.

The vehicle may have a different size spare tire than the road tires originally installed on the vehicle. This spare tire was developed for use on this vehicle, so it is all right to drive on it. If the vehicle has four-wheel drive and a different size spare tire is installed, drive only in two-wheel drive.

After installing the spare tire on the vehicle, stop as soon as possible and check that the spare tire is correctly inflated.

Have the damaged or flat road tire repaired or replaced and installed back onto the vehicle as soon as possible so the spare tire will be available in case it is needed again.

Do not mix tires and wheels of different sizes, because they will not fit. Keep your spare tire and its wheel together. If the vehicle has a spare tire that does not match the original road tires and wheels in size and type, do not include the spare in the tire rotation.

    Tire Changing

    Removing the Spare Tire and Tools Jack Jack Knob Tool Kit Wing Nut Retaining Tool Kit Wheel Blocks Wing Nut Retaining Wheel Blocks The equipment is under the second row seats, if equipped, or behind the front row seats on regular cab models...

    Jump Starting

    Jump Starting - North America For more information about the vehicle battery, see Battery - North America. If the vehicle's battery (or batteries) has run down, you may want to use another vehicle and some jumper cables to start your vehicle...

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